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The Gospel Supernatural?

¿The Gospel Supernatural?

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;  They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Mark 16:16-18


And we can see, before we start the trial, that so many of the world tries to say that God's Word is not true. For instance, this I just read. I was reading the footnotes on Scofield. And I was thinking of a story that was told me one time. I think--don't think I have ever quoted it, especially in this meeting. But that a woman one time had a fine young boy; he wanted to be a minister. So she was kind of a poor sort of a woman, and she wanted her boy to get all the good schooling and training he could (which any mother would want her boy, if he was called to such as that), would be the very best training that could be gotten, why, she wanted him to have it. So she sent him away to the very best religious seminary that she knowed where to send him.

Well, he'd been there about a year, and one day his mother took violent sick; she was real bad off. And they kept calling and sending telegrams (She was living by herself.), that he might have to be called home because she took a real serious cold, and it run into double pneumonia, and had congestion in--of the lungs, and she looked for to die. Her heart was showing up too bad. So the faithful physician was doing all that he knowed how to do to save the woman's life, and she constantly got worse. So the physician sent a telegram to the young fellow, and said, "Stand by at once. Get your airplane reservations, where you may have to come to your mother at any time, because she looks like she's pretty close to the point of death." And then the boy, all upset, got his clothes ready and was fixing to catch a plane. And a telegram come straight back from his mother, "Don't come, son. I got all right."

So then about a year later, or six months later, I believe it was, that he returned to his home. And after greeting his mother, and they was having fellowship together, he said, "Mother, there's one question that still lingers in my mind." Said, "When you were so sick," and said, "you never did write and tell me the details. You just said you got well, and you never did tell me the details of how this come about."

She said, "Son, you know down the street here, right where that old grocery store used to stay on a certain place?"


There's a bunch of people down there that worships in that little building."

"Yes," said, "I remember them; they are the Pentecostals."

Said, "Yes, that's right."

Said , "When I was at my very worse," said, "there was a fine lady come up here to me. And she said, 'Sister, we were down there in prayer meeting, and we understood that you were very sick, and you had a boy away in the seminary school, and to be a minister. And while we were praying, the Lord revealed to us that we should come pray for you.' And said, 'Well,'" she said, "'that--that'll be fine.' Said, 'Do you mind if our pastor comes and prays?' Said, 'Why, certainly not, lady. I'll be glad,' said. So they brought the... The doctor said that we would be fine. So the pastor come up, and he read this Scripture here in Mark 16th chapter. and he said, 'This is what the Bible said.'" So he laid his hands upon the woman and prayed, went out. And said, she "got well," she said.

"Oh, he said, "Mother..."

She said, "Isn't that wonderful, son? Think of that."

"Oh," he said, "Mother, of course that had nothing to do with your getting well." Says, "Perhaps some of the medicine that the physician had give you before, it just didn't take effect at time."

And said, "Oh," She said, "no, son. The physician had quit giving me medicine two days, said there was nothing he could do. He just put me under oxygen and said there  was nothing he could do. And I was constantly getting worse."

"Oh," he said, "Mother, it wasn't that." Said, "You see, those are illiterate people." Said, "They really don't understand. They just read the Bible." And said, "You see?"

She said, "Well, aren't we supposed to believe the Bible, son?"

"Oh, sure." Said, "Mother, we're supposed to believe It, but," said, "you know, in the school," said, "we learned that where he read there from Mark 16, from the 9th verse on, it's not even inspired."

"Well," she said, "Glory to God!"

He said, "Mother, you're acting like them people." And said, "Why, the very idea."

She said, "Well, honey, I was just thinking."

Said, "What you thinking?"

Said, "If God could heal me with that part of the Word that's not inspired, what would He do with that really is inspired?" So that... So we believe It is inspired.

So, now this, we're going to let the prosecutor call his witnesses, the first one to the stand, to witness against.

I just said that a few minutes ago, because I was just reading, when I was reading this text, Mr. Scofield says that some of the manuscripts don't pack that. That's probably where that story come from. But it is so.

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