miércoles, 16 de mayo de 2012

Little White Shoe

Our Differences

      It reminds me of a article I read not long ago (in closing). There was a man and his wife going to separate. They begin fussing, spatting, quarreling at one another. They just couldn't get along. They couldn't hardly live in the same house together. So they decided to divorce, and they applied for the divorce. Then they made agreement they'd meet at the house and would divide their things so it wouldn't have to go through the court.

     And they met in one room and divided what was in that room, and the next room, divided what was in that room. And finally, they come to a place that... They went up in the attic and got an old trunk down. And when they begin to take little articles out of the trunk and laid it one side or another, looking across at one another, "Don't you cheat me. I'll have you sued if you do that," just like some Christian traditions do.

     And after while they run into a little white shoe. And the daddy picked it up, and the mother put her hand on it. They looked at one another. In a few moments they was in one another's arms. What? A little girl that once belonged to them, that was something they had in common. It was all over; divorce was annulled. They were in one another's arms again. They had something in common.

And when the Baptists, and Methodists, and Oneness, and Twoness, and Threeness, brethren, when we can come to the cross, and see something that we got in common... It's the Blood of Jesus Christ that cleanses us. We can put our arms around Him, and He around us, and can fellowship together under the Blood of Jesus Christ. That's the only way I know. Let's pray.

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