miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2012

Who holds you?


   But God will redeem my soul from the power of the grave: for he shall receive me. Selah.

Sal 49:15  


     I got two little girls at home. One of them's pretty good size now. About... I guess it's been about four or five years ago, my little Rebekah was quite young then, about eight. Little Sarah was about four. I'd been out on meetings. And they're daddy's little girls. We all feel that way, our children. And so, they were waiting for me to come home, and mommy told them I'd be home about--about midnight, she thought. But they tried to stay up, but they got too sleepy, and had to go to bed.

I got in about three o'clock in the morning. And I'd just been out several services, and I was tired, as many of you brethren know how you feel then. So I couldn't rest. And I got up early about five o'clock, and was sitting in the room, in the living room, with the... in the chair, kind of resting.

All at once I heard a scramble out in the bedroom, and here come Rebekah. She... the oldest one; she woke up first. Here she come through the room, just as hard as she could, and she jumped right a-straddle my lap, and throwed both arms around me, and begin to hugging me, saying, "My daddy! My daddy!" Oh, you know how your heart swells out then.

Well, she woke her little sister up. And so her--her little sister was about four years younger. And I don't know whether your children does or not--I suppose they do--mine, the younger one gets the oldest one's clothes, you know. It's the hand-me-down. And Sarah had on Rebekah's pajamas, and the feet was quite a bit too long, and legs was too long. And she couldn't run very good, swinging them big feet like rabbits, you know, with snowshoes on, trying to throw them feet running.
And I just kind of thought, then, when I seen them running... Like, Rebekah, her legs was long, and she jumped right up a-straddle of my legs like that, and her feet was well balanced on the floor, you know. And she was sitting there, just hugging me, and, oh, I love her.

And I thought, that being the church--you know, the big churches that's been here a long time, settled down, knows what they're talking about. Fine trained choirs, all the octaves, and everything, just right, you know. (I guess that's right. Octaves? I--I got it wrong, ever what... notes, or what go... )

So then, little Sarah, she, like a little Pentecostal group, see, she hadn't been around very long. She wasn't trained like that. So, she started through the room, and stumbling, falling. And about the time she got to the door, Rebekah turned around, with both arms around me, and said, "Sarah, my sister, I want you to know that I was here first. I was here first, and I've got all of daddy. And there's none left for you." (That's what they try to tell us, see.)

So, poor little Sarah, she looked so down-hearted. Her little lips hung down, her little brown eyes. And she looked like she was about ready to cry, because all of daddy was taken up. There was no more left for her.
I winked at her, and stuck one leg out and motioned to her, and here she come. That's all she wanted, just a little encouragement. So she jumped up on my leg, and she was kind of younger, you know, and her... she was kind of topsy-turvy. Her--her legs wouldn't hit the floor to balance her. So I just took both arms and put around her to hold her, keep her from falling.

She hugged me a little bit, and she rolled those big brown eyes, and looked up at me. She said, "Rebekah, my sister, I want to tell you something." She said, "It may be that you've got all of daddy, but I want you to know one thing: daddy's got all of me."
So, I like to get in where Jesus has got all of us. We may not have all the... but just so He's got all of us. Just be so completely in Him, till we are lost in His goodness. And that's where I can worship Him in the Spirit and truth.

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