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   My wife (She's here somewhere.), she got a letter from a lady over here in Illinois the other day. It just burnt into my soul of my heart. This lady said, "Sister Branham," said, "there's no doubt but what many times, when down through, since you've been married that you have to suffer a lot, Brother Branham being gone and having those children."

And said, "The children, of course, cry for their father and so forth," and said, "I know what you mean, because I have a lovely husband myself." She said, "But I'll tell you my condition." She said, "I--I've had four major operations in the last four years." She said, "I take from--I run from fifteen or sixteen tranquilizers a day."

And she said, "I take three different Lextron shots and so forth a week." And said, "I put a bunch of sleeping tablets, and the latest thing and to quieten the nerves and them shots, and I take as much as two double sleeping tablets at night and can't sleep," And she said, "My doctor has told me to go on to the insane institution before I cannot return; and there might be a hope that they can save my mind," And said, "And there's nothing in medical lines nowhere could touch me."

And she said, "I was anticipating suicide, planning it to leave my lovely husband and my little girl." She said, "We live in Kansas. I love it, because we see the grain ripening and think of the harvest."

I think she was a Methodist. And said that where... And then, over to Methodist college in Bloomington, Illinois, they'd picked up a paper that I was to be there eleven months ago. Many of you remember the Bloomington meeting; you were there.

And she said, "My husband got me and some friends and took off," and said; "the Lord knew I couldn't stand it one more day." (She was so far gone.) And said, "I was the first person; your son, Billy Paul, give me a card. And that night when your--when your husband called the numbers, I was the first one in the line to be prayed for."

And said, "As soon as I come to the platform," said, "he told me my life, and told me what I'd done, and every--what all about it, and said, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, it's over.'" Said, "That very split minute I've never had another pain." Said, "I weighed seventy something pounds; I weigh a hundred and sixty something now." And said, "Sister Branham, when you're lonesome," said, "I know how you feel, sharing your husband with the world and things like that," but said, "just remember, a little Kansas housewife is free today, because he was willing to mind the Lord."

I showed Billy; I said, "Billy, I want you to send this over to that Methodist college."

He reached over and got a pile and said, "Read some of these."

I said, "I know, I know--I know they're wonderful, but this one's enough. This is just, set the place."

Wisdom Versus Faith