jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

The Little Calf


The Little Calf


            Notice how it's--how it is really so, God has made everything after its kind, the cattle after their kind. Many time in bringing a roundup down, we'd bring the whole herds of cattle and the little calves; I used to wonder how they would ever know their own mama. Now, they--they coming down out of the mountains, the cattle all mixed together. A--a--a cow that is with the calf, maybe a little hungry calf might nurse a little from the other mother, if he's real hungry; but when we stop them, out on the prairie, that mama starts through that crowd of cows and calves till she finds her own, and the calf is running for its mother. It knows that certain little whine in her bawl. And she's bawling for that calf, and other mothers are bawling till you can't even hear yourself think, but that little calf will find that certain call of its mother, because it's part of the mother.

And a borned again Christian from heaven, he is a part of this Word. Right. Another mama he will not follow. He's a part of the Word. He stays with the Word. "If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, who can prepare hisself for battle?" said Paul. He knows the sound of the Word. Notice how--how this is, the predestinated hand of God following them through. He knows that he was ordained; he was in the Gospel Truth. He knowed that he was born by the Spirit of God. He knows that the Spirit of God cannot deny the Word of God, so therefore, a stranger he will not follow. Notice how...