martes, 30 de julio de 2013

Prayed Up

Prayed Up

Just one of us praying will help. But when we all pray together, that's when God will go to moving, when we all go to praying. That's His promise. And we know His promises are true.



You know there's something about it, you can pass right by God's blessing and not know it if you're not prayed up. I think about that, prayed up.

There was a little Irish woman come over from Ireland not long ago, and they said she was on a ship and she's was... Along about, oh, about time they was getting in New York a great typhoon swept out across the ocean, and the ship was just sending out SOS's, and it was just diving from place to place. The bands had been playing; they'd been doing all the rock-and-roll that they could and all like that. And they started--band started playing... The Captain said, "Everybody pray; everybody pray, the way you do in your church." And the bands begin to play "Nearer, My God To Thee." And they all begin going on.

A little Irish woman begin walking up and down the floor. And the Captain said, "If we can only hold this storm for thirty minutes, we'll come into the harbor, drop anchor." Said, "But if we can't hold it for thirty minutes," said, "we'll be at the bottom of the sea."
That little Irish woman said, "Glory to God. Hallelujah."
So the Captain walked up, said, "Lady, did you understand what I said?" He sa...
She said, "I understood you plainly, sir."
He said, "I said in thirty minutes from now we may be in the bottom of the sea, if we can't hold out thirty minutes in this storm."
Said, "I understood what you meant." Said, "Hallelujah. Praise God."
Said, "Why don't you pray?"
She said, "I'm prayed up. Don't have to do any more praying." Said, "I was prayed up to begin with."
Well, said, "Why could you say hallelujah like that and knowing that you might be in the bottom of sea?"
She said, "Sir, I'm on my road from Ireland to see a daughter of mine that lives in New York." She said, "I got a daughter in glory and one in New York. If we go down I'll see that one up there. If we land I'll see that one there. I'll see one of them in thirty minutes." That's right. Prayed up... Amen. That's the way to stay, prayed up.

Be ready for it. She was going to meet one of them in thirty minutes. She knowed it either... It didn't make any difference to her, up there or down here, it did--she was going to see one of them in thirty minutes. Now, that's good, that's fine. That's the way the church ought to be all the time, prayed up.

61-0211  ABRAHAM RESTORED ( E-35 - E-36 ) (WMB).