lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

Picture Painted By Brother Jerry Steffy


Picture  Painted

By  Brother  Jerry  Steffy

It  contains.

To: William Marrión Branham

Nor lofty in his way; he sounds himself no trumpet
As he goes from day to day. has no desire for wealth nor fame,
But none his place could fill; he's just the way we want him,
Our own dear Brother Bill. he teaches us with faithfulness
The undiluted Word, no fancy ways, no love for praise,
Just following the Lord. his speech is soft and gentle;
He raises not his voice, except to cry against the wrong,
And then he has no choice. Never got a lot of learning,
From colleges and school; but he knows what is important,
And he's sure nobody's fool. For the knowledge he is given
Is Eternal from above; he has no creed, except our Christ,
No law but Sovereign Love, there was no great announcement
To his lowly, humble birth, but to us he is the greatest man
Who lives upon the earth. We count it more than privilege
To know him as a friend, we cherish all he stands for,
And will right to the end. He says he's not a preacher;
He's modest as can be, but get him in the pulpit,
And it isn't hard to see. He was foreordained a prophet,
Let men call it what they will; god granted us great favor
When He gave us Brother Bill.


62-0422 The Restoration Of The Bride Tree

Signed: The Little Flock.