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Did not condemn , GIVE THE GOSPEL

Did not condemn , GIVE THE GOSPEL

Visión: And I seen like something whirling. And when it was, in the vision it was the world turning around and around. And as I noticed, around the world was a scarlet streak, around the world. And as I got to the world, I seen myself, just a little boy, doing things that I ought not to do; maybe not like that, but it was sin. And every time I did anything, I seen that great black shadow go towards heaven. Which God would've killed me at that minute.

Hno. William M. Branham

After preaching Brother William M. Branham five consecutive nights in Toledo , in the midst of the humid July heat , his energies were quite sophisticated. At about noon he was hungry and went out to buy a sandwich .

Condemn no one. Love everybody. If you can't love from your heart, then Christ is not with you.

At Toledo, Ohio, I went into a little restaurant I been eating at a place, a little Dunkard place, lovely little place. They were so nice.

That afternoon they'd closed up, to go to Sunday school. And when they did, I had to go across the street to a worldly little old place, and I walked in there. And I know it's illegal to gamble in Ohio. And here stood a State Police with his arm around a girl, his hand hanging here on her bosom, playing a slot machine. The law of our states and nation, all gone: pitiful.

I trust on Christ the Solid Rock, I stand, all other grounds is sinking sand: nothing else left. That's right.

I looked back there, and there was a beautiful young lady, probably in her teens, nineteen, eighteen, nineteen years old. And what they were doing, them boys back there around the table, it was horrible. I set down there. And now to my surprise, setting right here where a lady come over, said, "Will you have a chair?"
I said, "Thank you. I wanted breakfast."

And setting in a chair, here set an elderly lady, as old as my mother, fifty-five, fifty-eight years old. She had on a little pair of those little ungodly clothes they wear.

They claim it's cool. Science says, "You're crazy." Certainly, it's not. You just want to show your naked self. It's a shame, a disgrace. A lady won't put them on. A woman will, but a lady won't.

And then, so then they... There she was, setting there. Her poor flesh was flabby. She had that kind of an orchid-looking manicure, or what you call it, on her lips, and a little bitty haircut like a man, and fuzzed all up; what the Bible said, which was a disgrace. And a woman, that a man...

The Bible claims, if a woman cuts her hair, a man's got a right to put her away in divorcement, because she's not honest with him. We have to get down and preach the Bible here some of these days.

And there she was setting there, lip manicure all over her face, and it was all over it like that. And she had this here black stuff over her eyes, and she was sweating; it was running down. And the poor old thing might have had great-grandchildren. And she was setting there with two old men, and one of them with a big old scarf around his neck, and it in June, setting there. And he got up, and was kind of drinking, and she was drinking too, and she was looking around.

I thought, "O God. God, why don't You just wipe the thing off of the map? Why don't... Does my little Sharon, my little baby, my little Sarah and my little Rebekah have to be raised up in that generation to come to face such stuff as that?" I thought, "Look out here in these parks and things and what goes on." I thought, "O God. Oh, I'm glad You took Sharon if it was Your will. Does my little Rebekah and little--little Sarah have to be raised up under such stuff as that?" Which, and them people call them--sing in the choir and everything. And I thought, "Isn't that a shame?" I thought, "God, how can Your holy righteousness stand it? Look like that Your righteous indignation would fly out there and--and blow this place up."

And I heard the Angel of the Lord, said, "Come aside." I walked over there. And when He got through with me, I felt like a different person. "What are you condemning her for?"

I said, "Look at that, the way she is." And here's what He...
I saw a vision. I saw a world like this, around, another world. But this world here, it had a rainbow around it, and that was the Blood of Christ that protects God's wrath. He couldn't look upon that. He--He'd destroy the thing right now, because He said, "The day you eat thereof, that day you die." So He'd do it.

Then I thought like this. I seen myself. Although I didn't do that, but I was a sinner anyhow. And then the Blood of Jesus Christ acts to us like a bumper. See? That when I sin, my sins hit Him and jarred His precious head, and I could see the tears and Blood running down. "Forgive him, Father; he don't know what he's doing." And I'd do something else and hit it. "Forgive him, Father."

If it ever passed Him, I'd have been destroyed. And if I'd never accept His grace, and the day my soul sails beyond that, I'm already judged. I've rejected. There's nothing left but judgment. Judged, I've already been judged. God said, "The day you eat thereof, that day you die." You're judged right at the judgment seat this afternoon, your attitude towards Christ.

And then I thought, "Yes, that's right." And I seen one day I crawled up to Him. I seen my old book laying there, a sinner, there laid everything on it. And I seen my sins is what was doing it, and I said, "Lord, will You forgive me?"

Took His hand in His side, got some Blood out, wrote it across the top, and said, "Pardoned." Throwed it back in the sea of forgetfulness, to remember it no more. It was gone forever. He said, "I forgive you, but you're condemning her."
That changed my idea. I said, "Lord, have mercy."

After I come out of it, I walked over and set down. I said, "How do you do, ma'am?"

She said, "Oh, hello."

And I said, "If you'll pardon me," I said, "I'm Reverend Branham, a minister."
She said, "Oh, excuse me, excuse me, Reverend Branham."

I said, "Lady..." I was... Told her the story. I said, "I was standing there, and I was condemning you in thinking what a horrible thing. Maybe you've got children."
She said, "I have."

I said, "What caused the way to go wrong?" She begin to unfold the story to me that would rend the heart of anything. I said, "I--I was asking God why didn't He just rake such off the earth? Here you here with these two drunken men, and you're drunk yourself." And I said, "Someday that Blood that's holding God's wrath off from you, you're going to die one of these days, and then you're... You're a free moral agent now; you can reject or receive." And I said, "But someday your soul's going beyond there, where there's no mercy left. And if you die in your sins you're already judged, and you're going to hell."

And you know what? That woman slipped out of that seat there in that restaurant, and we had a prayer meeting like you never heard in your life, and she come to Christ. What was it? Don't condemn them; tell them the Gospel. They're demon possessed; they're mortals in this realm. They're influenced from over here. Our influence comes from above. Let's see what we can do with our talents to win others to Christ.

You say, "Brother Branham, when I can get quit smoking, when I can quit drinking, when I can straighten this thing up, I'll do it." Oh, it will never be done right. You'll never be able to do it. Why don't you just come the way you are? And, by faith, go to that Stream, Thy flowing wounds supply, then redeeming love to be your theme, and shall be till you die.

Why take a substitute? Why try to get in by your church? Why try to come in because you quit drinking or quit lying? Come by the way of perfection. "For by one Sacrifice He has perfected forever those that are sanctified."

"How do I get sanctified?" Confess your sins in the Presence of the Blood of Jesus; and the Life that come from that Blood, comes back to the worshipper and sanctifies Him from the desires of the things of the world. For by that all-sufficient Sacrifice He has sanctified us; one Spirit, we are all baptized into one Body. "Now there's no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, to them that walk not after the flesh, but the Spirit." If you're trying to walk by the Spirit, and still lusting for the flesh, the Sacrifice hasn't been sufficiently applied to you. But the worshipper once purged has no more desire of sin.

That was Calvary. It isn't a place to sell flowers, or a little place to do this or that. It was a place where God and man were reconciled. It was the place where peace and perfect safety was brought to mankind. Can you go with me tonight, my sinner friend, to Calvary, and by faith apply this Blood to your own soul, and let the Holy Ghost come and sanctify you by His great Sacrifice?

Before we pray, would you raise your hand to God and say, "Be merciful to me, God. I now confess all my sins, upon this Good Friday night. And I appreciate the great suffering that Christ did for me. I now surrender my own will, my own motives and everything, to follow You from this day, henceforth." Will you raise your hand, say, "Remember me, Brother Branham, in prayer. That's the decision of my heart"?

Is there any this great night, while we wait just a moment? Over here on my right-hand side, surely there's one along there. Are you ashamed of your sins? Are you ashamed of what you've done?

    (57-0419) Perfection

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William Marion. Branham